Lead DevOps Engineer (remote)

We are an innovative cloud computing company founded in 2018. We build products that allow companies to independently manage their cloud infrastructure. We are strong believers of the DevOps culture and moving away from siloed IT teams. We strive to achieve our vision by automating as many things as possible.

As we are a super early stage startup your responsibilities would extend beyond the terminal. Your duties may include sales calls with prospective clients, writing documentation and estimating projects.

We work with the Hashicorp suite on a daily basis and our primary focus is the AWS cloud. Our preferred languages are Go, PHP, Ruby and Bash. We communicate via Slack and manage tasks in Trello and Jira.

We are based in Berlin, Germany but operate remotely. Therefore we are happy to accept applications from all over the globe, however you must be able to overlap with at least 6 hours per day in the Central European timezone (CET).

If you are interested, then please send a cover letter and your resume to: [email protected].

We build cloud native solutions that empower your developer team.

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