AWS Bootstrap

Your business is growing fast and you've made the right decision to move to the cloud. After speaking to many industry peers and evaluating different providers, you've chosen AWS - the leading provider in cloud computing. Now you are facing the monumental task of migrating your existing services to the cloud and building an architecture that follows the best practices.

Luckily we're here to help. With our AWS Bootstrap service, we will help migrate your business to the AWS cloud using our proven infrastructure package.

Choose Brightfame to reduce the time and cost associated with moving to the cloud. We will help your business build world-class infrastructure and repeatable processes for concepts including continuous deployment and delivery.

Our Process

Our entire process generally takes about 5 business days.

  1. Register your interest using our contact form.
  2. We'll ask a few questions about your current architecture and vendors.
  3. Next we'll put together a proposal with our recommended actions.
  4. Then let's have a quick Skype or FaceTime call and go over everything.
  5. Afterwards we'll setup a new subscription with our infrastructure package.
  6. Finally we'll define your infrastructure as code and deliver it to you.
  7. Optionally we'll put everything live.

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